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Founded in 1976 by husband and wife team Bruce & Mieke Fallshaw, City Living is the longest established real estate agency focusing on sales, leasing and property management in Sydney city and the surrounding suburbs.

Our staff vary in age from early twenties to sixties and come from different countries, backgrounds and 22 and 67, the dynamics of the City Living team ensure clients are provided with experience and enthusiasm, along with a fresh and energetic approach.

City Living has strict processes to ensure that both sales and rentals are carried out correctly and adhere to current legislation. All City Living staff study towards Continued Professional Development each year, ensuring they are up-to-date with the latest industry legislation, as well as updating their knowledge base and skills.

City Living strives to ensure that the team is in-tune with every facet of the real estate market by identifying the specific needs of all parties involved. This understanding along with our promise to go to the lengths necessary to ensure that those needs are completely satisfied, allows the City Living team to offer you the very best service available.

Our office is located on the foreshore of Walsh Bay, an important historical area in regards to Sydney city’s past and future development, especially with Barangaroo just around the corner. Our large windows enable us to display information to passersby about the properties we sell and rent. We often have people popping in to ask questions, not only about our Walsh Bay lisitngs, but all of our listings throughout the city and city fringe. These ‘pop-ins’ have proved to be successful and have produced many successful outcomes for landlords and vendors alike.

City Living has been part of the Sydney city community for nearly 40 years, watching it grow and blossom into one of the most popular metropolitan cities in the world. We are committed to the city of Sydney and to assisting people in achieving their goal of city living.

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